Thursday, November 14, 2013

Coming Back to Life

I just posted a long-overdue entry on my travel blog, and I've decided something:  It's time for me to pull myself up by the woeful-post-graduate bootstraps and take charge of my life.  (Note: I've always wondered... what exactly does a bootstrap look like?  None of my boots have straps).
Greta, Mom, and I went to the Apple Orchard last month.

Seriously, though.  I've had enough of this moping "life-is-so-hard-for-a-graduate-I-wish-I-were-back-in-Europe-poor-me-the-couch-is-my-home-now" attitude.  Yes, my summer abroad rocked.  No, that's not a reason to lose the zest for my life here.  Granted, I've done some productive things since I've been home: I do have a couple part-time jobs and I haven't completely retired from the world, but––as any number of Disney Princesses from the late 90s would say––I want more.  Not in a greedy, materialistic sense; I want to do more with my life, here and now.  I want to introspect, to nurture and cultivate my relationships, to produce more writing, more meals, more sewing and furniture projects.  Admittedly, I'm being a little hard on myself.  I haven't been completely pathetic these past ten weeks, but I know I can do better than I've been doing.  (Part of the problem is that I have zero balance.  For example: There's nothing wrong with getting into a show but marathoning four seasons of True Blood in a week?  Excessive).
To be fair, though, what isn't excessive about this show? (eg. "Sookeh")
On more positive notes:
I took this at the LA Public Library when I visited my brothers in March.
  • I joined my friend Torrie's book club.  It's time for me to pull out my Lasallian Honors shared inquiry chops and dig back into literature!  (I supplemented this milestone by opening a Goodreads account).  At any rate, I hope this club will meet my social and intellectual needs regarding books. 
  • I met my cousin's baby boy for the first time this past weekend, and he is a beauty.  It's exciting to again be part of an expanding family!
  • I'm obsessed with my new bread machine.  Until I find a day job, I should be more useful around our house, so my Craigslist treasure has been serving me well.
Speaking of bread, the machine just beeped so I'm going to end this entry now and take it out to cool.  Anyway, I hope I'll get to updating this blog with more regularity.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Post graduate life sucks, I think, just in general. Since I've decided to go the way of regional studies academia, it might be another five to 7 years before I have the "career-career" I want. That may mean being poor for a while, but, on the other hand, underemployment can be put to good use (I mean, seriously, with the time we put into TV shows, *ahem*, we could learn a language or become experts in a niche artistic medium or something! ) A little bit of money is a necessity tho. Thank providence for those old connections that pay off . . . otherwise those personal projects would quickly dry up with the empty purse.

    1. You're absolutely right, Randi Jo, underemployment really *can* be a blessing; I just need to put it to good use! I usually binge and purge on things, so now that I've binged on tv, I will likely make up for it by having a spurt of super-productivity. I just need to push myself until I get there.