Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Rejection and An Offer

Who would have known that un(der)employment would feel so exhausting?  I certainly didn't expect to be so overwhelmed by day-to-day living.  Yet, this post-graduate life often surprises me.
Greta and I visited a local family farm to celebrate the autumn season.  These cows make me homesick for România.
Despite the occasional crippling episodes of feeling useless and ulcer-inducing worries about finances, there are benefits to an open schedule.  In between my duties as Greta's private chauffeur, I've started on a few additional furniture makeovers.  Even though my current workshop (our garage) has been stingingly cold these past several days, enough layers and a plethora of podcasts to keep me company have made the atmosphere quite nice.

I've also been able to spend a good amount of time with my family without worrying about job obligations.  Two weekends ago, I traveled with my parents and sisters to visit our brother David at college, and this past weekend we visited my sister Annie and her boyfriend at my old stomping grounds.  I do appreciate long, scenic car trips, especially after 12+ train trips I endured in Eastern Europe.  Moreover, in an attempt to stay connected to the realm of Humanities, I've tried to maximize my travel time by listening to audiobooks in the car.  (Thank God I kept my portable CD player from junior high days gone by).
Graceful Peacocks
At any rate, I'm doing my best to remain positive about my current state of life, but impending bills are increasing the urgency of my perpetual (and, admittedly) half-hearted job search.  This endeavor was half-hearted because up until today, I felt lukewarm about searching for work as I had already applied to a prestigious company I expected to be a perfect fit: Creative work place.  Literature.  40K annually and a full benefit package.  Um, yes please?!  I'd poured myself into the application and patiently awaited a response from the company.  Today, after weeks of waiting, I was informed via email that I was "one of 90 qualified applicants" for the position and after "carefully considering a talented pool of applications, we've offered the position to someone else."

Enter: Disappointment. *sigh*

I knew the job was a long-shot for a fresh graduate, but I had at least hoped for an interview.  That's what bothers me the most, actually.  If nothing else, being given the chance to interview for a job of this prestige would certainly allow me a little boost into the professional world...  That being said, it's no use to cry over rejection (and to be clear, I didn't cry about this; my retaliation came in the fashion of a motherlode of potstickers wolfed down to Emily Vancamp kicking ass in Revenge) and this turn of events simply opens me to something else.

I do have a job offer, actually, as a sushi waitress.  In high school, I worked for YX, a lovely Chinese woman a local take out restaurant I will refer to as "the Wok."  I've since visited YX and learned that she is opening a brand new Japanese restaurant in a neighboring town; she hired me on the spot, delightedly. The grand opening is tomorrow; in less than 24 hours, I will find myself in a position similar to one I experienced as a junior in high school, beginning a new job in a restaurant managed by YX.  I love my boss, so I suppose I have a lot to be thankful for.  I doubt I'll be pulling in 40K a year by waiting tables, but it's infinitely better than going $4.37 under in my checking account, as I did just last night.

I'll be updating with photos of my furniture once it's finished.  I have yet to sell my piano bench, as my Craiglist buyer backed out the day before our deal.  If you're reading this and want the bench in my last post... say something, please.  :)

Until next time,
Greta took this picture of me among the vines during our visit to Winona.

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